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Old is Gold-In your Bank

Our rebuilt dodge engines are better than new!! We do not just rebuild old engines, but improvise on the basic design so that the rebuilt engine performs better and more efficiently than your old engine.

Our customers say it

Our customers agree- our customers experience better rebuilt Dodge engine performance compared to new stock engines. Given our production line processes including diamond honing and Teflon coating, the precisions we achieve in the machining and assembly of rebuilt engine exceeds that of stock of engines.

Quality Parts

We use the best parts available in the market. Our suppliers are the same as those who supply parts, which go into the original Dodge engine. We source the top quality parts from proven OE suppliers with our own quality control check in addition to supplier quality checks. Our performance standards expected from suppliers mostly exceed the standards expected by Dodge.

Almost Zero Failure Rate

While the defect rate for rebuilt engines from other suppliers is about 6%, ours is 1.7%, almost 4 times lower than the national average for other suppliers. Our quality parts, skilled technicians and a modern engine rebuilding process deliver a quality standard had to beat! Buying our rebuilt Dodge engines is as safe as crossing a street!

Top Quality-Competitive Prices

Top quality need not be expensive. As one of the largest sellers of rebuilt Dodge engines, our prices are among the lowest in the industry. We believe in delivering quality at prices that offer high value to our customer. Our rebuilt Dodge engine prices, extended warranty costs or specialized labour costs-our prices are hard to beat!

Warranty, Installation & Shipping

Our warranties, extending to 7 years and 70k miles are proof of our quality rebuilt Dodge engines. Combined with a near zero failure rate, our warranties give you the peace of mind you would get from spending lot more on a new stock engine. Our experts will ensure flawless installation of our rebuilt engines. Their expertise will ensure a motoring experience better than ever before!